Global Time Attack Races Come to the Ridge Motorsports Park

Over the weekend racers from far and wide came to the more area of Shelton, WA to test their skills at the Ridge Motorsports Park. What brought these racers? The Global Time Attack was in town given racers the opportunity to race against the clock to see who could put down the fastest lap.

Racers were broken into small groups and given time to run the course. The goal? Be the quickest around the track for one lap. The Ridge is a not your typical flat track. It’s not like you’re running a quarter mile or oval. This course is a technical track requiring precise understanding of the how to enter and exit a range of corners and hills.

The event was broken into multiple days giving racers the chance to qualify and eventually put their best against the rest of the group. If you’re a car fan you certainly saw a wide range of vehicles tuned for racing.

In addition to the race fans got to experience a car show, and drifting exhibition. For a price, some fans got to jump in and run laps drifting around the course. One of the unique features to the event and the Ridge is how up close and personal fans get to be. The layout of these events lends fans the opportunity to walk through the paddock and get face to face with the drivers and their unique vehicles.

If you missed the event his year don’t worry. The Global Time Attack will return to the Ridge next year in July.


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