Local Track Days Help Make Better Riders

There are some really great race tracks in the Pacific Northwest. Last weekend we headed out to the enchanting Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA to shoot some photos for a private track day event. While we’re usually covering a competitive event, track days have a different focus. Their focus is on helping motorcycle riders improve their skills to understand their bikes better and become better overall riders.

This hold true for Motovixens CC Track Events. Based out of Thurston County Motovixens is focused on helping riders of all abilities learn to safely and confidently ride their bikes. Owner Carol Carpenter has been leading the organization since 2012. As a woman rider she knows some of the unique challenges breaking into a male dominated sport, and works to encourage women, and really everyone to get out and ride.

Why do a track day in the first place? Like any organization and event, it comes down to the experience. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned rider a track day is broken down to instruction, and education. Riders are always learning about how to push themselves, and their bikes to the limit. At a track day there is also a focus around creating a safe learning environment to keep riders developing and coming back for more. The overall experience is highlighted by the highly capable and knowledgeable staff running the event.

In a typical Track Day riders are broken into skill levels. An example could be your relaxed (newbie) type of experience, intermediate, and advanced rider. For each 20-30 minute session riders get a private track time to test their skills while learning new skills. All of which are transferable to their daily riding. Riders come to a track day to push their limits in a safer environment. In addition, riders get to connect with a community of people looking to learn, improve, and encourage each other.

If you’re looking to improve your riding knowledge, skill, or are just looking for a great riding atmosphere make sure to sign up for a track day in your local area.

Gallery Photos from Motovixens July 30 Track Day Event (photos by David Crawford)


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