MotoAmerica Supersport Race 1 Report

The Pacific Northwest has been relatively cool, until the first official day of summer. That signaled that MotoAmerica was coming, which seems to push the temps up quickly. That didn’t seem to bother Ducati rider Josh Herrin #2 in Supersport Race 1.

Ducati rider Josh Herrin #2 didn’t start the race in first, but methodically stalked leader Tyler Scott #70 before overcoming him. From there he only increased his lead over the pack. The main story came as riders Rocco Landers #97, Samuel Lochoff #44, and Kevin Olmedo #16 battled it out through 15 laps. In the end 2nd place would go to Yamaha rider Landers as he was able to build a gap between 3rd and 4th place.

Local PNW rider Mallory Dobbs #36 not only made her debut at MotoAmerica, but also made it through qualifying to land a spot on the grid. At the start of the race Dobbs sat near the back of the grid in 13th place. While she ended her race in the same position, she put forth a solid race. We think you’re going to want to keep an eye on her for the future.


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