MotoAmerica Stock 1000 Race 1 Round 6

Saturday afternoon got off to a rocky start for the first two races of the day. The North America Talent Cup struggled to start the race clean with multiple crashes and red flags. Ultimately the race was pushed to the end of the day.

In the follow up race of the Stock 1000’s Race 1, riders saw red flags after warmup lap. A trend seemed to be popping up on the track as riders have been struggling to stay upright or on the track at turn four, the carousel and chicane. Ultimately the racers restarted and got off cleanly.

Rider Corey Alexander #23 took advantage of the pole position and got off to a quick start to grab the lead. The BMW rider would never look back. It came down to a race for second between local PNW rider Andy DiBrino #62 and Hayden Gillim #69. Both riders battled throughout the 12 lap race with Dibrino ultimately grabbing hold of 2nd place.


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