Flat Track Racing pushes riders of all ages a place to hone their skills.

On a cold and rainy weekend racers from across the Pacific Northwest descend on Puyallup, WA to compete in one of the few remaining indoor flat tracks in the PNW.

The operation is run by Puyallup Flat Track and offers riders of all ages opportunities to experience racing. The youngest riders can be found on Strider, foot powered bikes, and Stacyc, electric, bikes. Give a kid a track and they’ll jump at the chance to race around. The hardest part is getting them to stop. It’s a great way to get kids, and families, interested in racing and taste for what they’ll see coming up after them.

Round 2 of the racing season included some new races with the expansion of the TT races. There’s a normal oval track, but the TT has a portion of the track snaking through the middle with a jump on it. This is a great addition to the races for the riders and spectators as the bikes and ATV’s give the audience a little extra. Frankly, on this night I’d argue that the riders in this race class were by far having the most fun.

What stands out from racing is the competitive nature, but the friendships. There’s something about racing your friends and beating them that’s just so much more fun. The races where two or more riders are battling it out trying to best the other make for the most thrilling races to watch.

There were multiple races in Round 2 that did just that. None more than the PRO Races, which saw 3 restarts in one race with multiple riders going down right off the first turn. You can feel the energy in the arena as each rider is working to push themselves just far enough without trying to go over. The joy and excitement of the ultimate winner and the respect between riders is shown throughout as the race ends.

This is what racing is about. Seeing how the young, new, and the old all come together to support each other as a community will help ensure that races and places like this continue into the future. Who’s ready for Round 3 on November 19, 2022?


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