Weather Doesn’t put a Damper on Speed Tour Event

The late spring weather in the Pacific Northwest always seems a bit chaotic. One day you’re sitting in 65-70 degree weather, and the next you’re getting hit with 1-3 inches of rain. That doesn’t stop the fun at the track.

Over the weekend racers and spectators from around the region headed to Shelton, WA to experience top notch racing at the Ridge Motorsports Park. The Speed Tour event ran from Jun 10-12, 2022.

This fan friendly event had fans admiring a wide range of race cars including 850 hp Trans Am cars, classic Corvettes, Alfas, Porsches, Historic F.1 and Indy cars. I was even able to bring my son along, who is a fan of race cars, and even got to do some photography of his own.

In addition to the races there were Drifting Demos throughout the day by Full Deck Autoworks, and a Car Show showcasing a wide range of unique cars.

The touch and go weather kept some fans and racers home from the event. If you were unable to attend don’t worry. The Ridge Motorsports Park has a number of marquee events coming up throughout the summer to keep you entertained. The next two major events include Moto America Motorcycle Racing June 24-26, and the Speed Summit July 17-19. Tickets for those events can be found here


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